For Equestrians

This whole “trail angel” thing began a few years ago when I started leaving out eight gallons of water and a bucket on my property abutting the Pacific Crest Trail for the local endurance riders and neighbors who regularly rode the section of the PCT in my area. Gradually, I’ve added more stuff — for both equestrians and hikers — but the equestrian focus remains. (Anza has a larger water cache about two miles south of mine that is seasonal and caters to nobo thru hikers.)

IMG_0001My water cache is year round and includes a hitching post with water and feed buckets, a water tank (shared with hikers) holding 550 gallons, and picnic tables. Day riders are welcome to use this as a rest area.

If you are planning a thru ride or multi-day ride of the PCT that will take you by my place, I can leave out hay for horses. In that case, please contact me to set that up. I’ll permit overnight (dry) rig parking and access to corrals on a case-by-case basis.