For Hikers

I maintain a year-round water cache on my private property about 50 feet west of the PCT at mile 145.37, about half way between the two PCT/Table Mountain Truck Trail crossings. I installed a 550 gallon water tank, which I monitor weekly and refill as needed. Hikers should filter the water in the tank before drinking.


During the northbound thru hiker season (roughly, March 1 through June 15), I offer additional amenities: an outhouse and shower, a trash can, picnic tables, shade, and a small library. I print up two different postcards, one about the Anza area and one about my little library, and give them away. They are in a container on the bottom shelf of the library.

I allow camping on my property near the picnic tables. Unlike some other trail angels who host hikers, there is no regular “food service,” although, I do occasionally leave out goodies like fresh fruit and iced lemonade.

I’m about 6.5 miles south of the Highway 74 crossing, so my place sees a fair number of day hikers coming up from the parking area there.

Since 2013, I’ve hosted a hiker barbecue (dubbed “Celebrate Anza”) at the height of the northbound thru hiker season. Originally timed for the Saturday after Kick-Off, with ADZPCTO (sadly) a thing of the past, Celebrate Anza is now tied to a different event: Mother’s Day. (See this post to understand why.) Celebrate Anza occurs on the Saturday (rain date: Sunday) of the weekend preceding the Mother’s Day weekend. In 2020, I will not be holding this event, because of Covid-19. All hikers who wander by are invited, as are any guests with an interest in the PCT in Southern California. The menu varies, but I always have lots of hotdogs and hamburgers, chips, and fresh fruit for that event.

Sorry, but I don’t accept packages for hikers.