Still Here (a poem for the year after 2020)

As I pondered what theme I would adopt for my hiker oasis in 2021 in the waning days of December 2020, I decided to deviate from my usual pattern of using the theme to celebrate something that would happen in that upcoming year and opted instead to use this opportunity to reflect on the year just passed. For many, 2020 was a monumental year, and I thought a suggestion to consider something positive that may have come to them during that year would be appreciated. I penned a new poem for the new year, and added it to my little free library for hikers to take. Here it is.

New hiker oasis theme for 2021: Still Here

On New Year’s Day, I re-themed my hiker oasis for 2021. The new theme is “Still Here.”

The prompt of my hiker register for 2021 reflects back on the preceding monumental year and asks: What did you learn in 2020?

I explain the prompt

and offer the first entry

For the first time ever, I also wrote an original work to be shared with hikers for the year: Still Here (a poem for the year after 2020). Copies of the poem were added to my little free library for hikers to take.