Out with the old, in with the new

As promised, New Year’s Day saw several major changes at my place along the PCT, as I dug out the surfboard and re-themed for 2017.

Out with the old …


Front of 2016 Trail Register
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Back of 2016 Trail Register
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… and in with the new. “Walden” is born.


Several hikers pass by

The slow trickle of southbound hikers continues. Based on signatures on my surfboard trail register and boot prints on the trail, I would estimate ten passed by this week. I got a shout out from one pair, Huckleberry and Macro, who included a couple pics of my place on their blog.

As always, click on the images below to view detail.

img_1112 img_1115

Spring 2016 NoBo Hiker Season Winds Down

Based on boot prints along the PCT on my property boundary, only a single hiker passed by over the weekend, leading me to decide to scale back the accoutrements at my place: the water, picnic tables, and library remain, but everything else (cooler with ice water, sodas and trash cans) goes. This is the last installment of my surf board trail register for the season. I am looking forward to it “resetting itself” in the desert sun in time for the much smaller SoBo season in the fall.

IMG_0689 IMG_0690
IMG_0691 IMG_0692

Trail Register Update: May 8

The recent cold, wet weather put a damper on things over the weekend. The hikers that passed by told of a large tent city at the Community Center at Warner Springs, as hikers waited for the weather to improve. So, we can expect 60+ hikers passing through the day after the clouds lift. In the meantime, I did see a couple dozen hikers pass by. The surf board trail register records many new signatures since last weekend.

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IMG_0604 IMG_0605
IMG_0606 IMG_0608