Thank you, anonymous hiker

I returned yesterday from several weeks away from my hiker oasis to discover that two oasis-related items on my to-do list had been performed in the meantime.

The “Welcome, SoBos” sign, which had been become bleached in the sun, was refreshed,

and the hiker register, whose binding had become badly worn, had been patched with the tape hikers typically carry to cover blisters.

Thank you to the anonymous hiker(s) who made these repairs. I’ve now refreshed the readings and postcards, so subsequent hikers will experience the oasis at its best.

Trail Register, October 23

Back from several months in Montana, I chanced to run into two sobo thru hikers my first couple of hours back at my hiker oasis.

Here are the scans of the trail register since I left in early June. (The entries don’t consistently go from earlier to later on each page, since some previous hikers had started a new page for their entries when there was still lots of space left on the previous page. I left a note asking hikers to “fill in the blank spots,” since I am running out of blank pages in the notebook.)