A different sort of trail register

I had the bright idea of setting up a trail register for 2016 to get a better feel for the number of hikers visiting my place. Rather than have hikers sign a notebook, I thought this might be a good use for my surf board, which is holding up better than I expected in the sun, wind and snow of the desert mountains. I posted a sign with instructions for signing the register: “Please sign my surf board ‘trail register.’ Write small — we need to fit ~700 signatures here. (If surf board is wet, please sign paper register in library and I will transfer to surf board.) Thx, Trail Angel Mary”

I left a container with variously-colored permanent markers nearby, and let the experiment begin.


I was the first person to sign in the afternoon on January 1, 2016.


If you are looking for a particular name, I have gathered all the surfboard photos in a gallery on the right. Click on any one to cycle through the images.

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