3 thoughts on “Hiker Register April 30

  1. Hi Mary, I was thinking more about sauntering when I wrote the following poem at mile 155, and wanted to share it with you:

    The Phoenix Flies
    and you gasp your awe
    to see a bird reborn from ashes

    Much better, I think, to be reborn
    with every breath we breathe, but
    how precious few of these lives we lead
    have let us saunter peacefully.

    It is a privilege to report from this, our
    Yavana’s vast green world

    Especially in times of trial, we need the bard
    when sense is lost it’s
    nonsense to twine
    your mind in twain

    Especially in these times of trial, the bard
    needs a trail and the
    that one earns hiking alone
    among the clouds.


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