The Colors of Cactus

The cacti along the PCT near me are blooming. While cacti are dependable bloomers, the profusion of flowers has certainly been helped along by the large amount of rain we received this winter and spring. I always wonder that cacti (especially the species of the prickly pear cacti) are not cultivated like roses for their variety of color.

The hedgehog cacti are uniformly colored:

as are the beaver tails:

But the prickly pear blooms range from the “standard” pure yellow

to peach or light pink or red.

Sometimes, there is even a variety of bloom colors on the same plant.

With this natural beauty lining the trail, who needs an artificial garden?

Eighteen Mother’s Day cards mailed

It has become a tradition at the Celebrate Anza event that, instead of a monetary donation, hikers “thank” me by sending their mother a Mother’s Day card using one of my oasis postcards: each hiker whose mother is still alive fills one out and I put a stamp on it and mail it for them, so that it reaches their mother in time for the big day. This year, I mailed 18 cards (7 international, 11 US) for hikers.


Celebrate Anza 2019 a Success

The weather was just about perfect for the sixth annual Celebrate Anza event at my place on May 4.

In addition to 20+ hikers, there were several Trail Gorillas (PCT trail crew volunteers from SoCal) and a couple Southern Terminus shuttle volunteers.

A special thanks to Roberto and Martha for their invaluable help making the event a success.