First PCT thru rider of 2022

Gillian Larson was the first PCT thru rider to pass by my place in 2022. She stopped by during the Easter Monday event to water her horse. Gillian successfully thru rode the PCT in 2014 and 2016, then thru rode the Continental Divide Trail in 2018. She’s doing the PCT again in 2022, this time with new horses. Good luck, Gillian!

Easter Celebration, 2022

This year, I decided to resurrect a tradition from pre-Covid years: providing hikers with breakfast and lunch on Easter Sunday. The weather cooperated, and I served 18 breakfasts and 19 lunches on Sunday. I had a bit more food leftover of the lunch variety, so I repeated the lunch on Easter Monday, serving another 10 hikers. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food, and the pups were quite the hit with hikers.