Date set for Celebrate Anza, 2022

While I held “subdued” events in 2020 (remember the PCT thru hiker year that wasn’t due to Covid?) and 2021, I’m doing a more typical Celebrate Anza event in 2022. The date is Saturday, April 30. Thru hikers need not rsvp. … Just show up. For everyone else, if you plan on attending, please rsvp at by April 28 for driving and parking directions. Food service will run 11-2pm.

Celebrate Anza 2021 a Success

Despite strong winds, I held my annual PCT Trailside barbecue event on the first Saturday in May (May 1). Except for 2020, when the event was cancelled due to covid, this was the eighth annual Celebrate Anza.

One difference from previous years is that this was a hiker-only event, with no invited guests.

As with past years, I set up my mobile indoor/outdoor kitchen and offered several different grilled options. I served meals to a total of 32 hikers.

Also as in previous years, I set my postcard station and invited hikers to fill out a Mother’s Day card for their mother, which I mailed out on Monday. A total of 21 cards were sent, including three cards to international addresses.

Riding the PCT with Mustang George

I just bought a very green mustang horse (named “Mustang George”) who has never encountered a backpacker before. I would like to ride him on the PCT north of me, but fear how he will react to some of the strange things hikers do around horses. I decided it would be safest to give hikers a heads-up that we are ahead on the trail and provide guidance on how to act around a horse by placing this sign trailside where we enter the trail. Hopefully, this will help ease George into his new life as a trail horse. (I also hope this will provide information to many hikers who have no experience around stock and will likely encounter them at least once on the remainder of their PCT journey.)