Celebrate Anza a Success

The weather Saturday morning didn’t look promising for the big Celebrate Anza event at my property along the PCT. — Low-hanging fog producing a heavy dew on objects within a few minutes, with the threat of rain, didn’t seem like ideal conditions for an outdoor party. But, invited guests were already beginning to arrive for the event, so the show must go on.

Carl and Don were left in charge of raising the big canopy tent and I started shuttling furniture and food from my house to the venue along the trail, with the weather improving a bit with each passing hour. Don ran down to the Anza cache to place a sign informing hikers of the free lunch just up the trail. By 11:30, the threat of rain had passed, and we were left with an overcast sky and chilly temperatures, but otherwise good conditions.

Banjo Player Extraordinaire Adam and I played for the assembled invited guests and hikers.

All told, there were 24 invited guests and somewhere between 25 and 27 hikers. (I lost count for part of the event when I had to run to the truck for my banjo.)

Many of the hikers and guests enjoyed visiting with my horse, Gracie, who was tied up to my hitching post for the event.

IMG_0569 IMG_0568
IMG_0567 IMG_0566

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