New Update on Tule Spring

A small work party spent several hours at Tule Spring on December 17 trying to understand whether, and if so, where, the large fire tank connects to the spigot hikers use. (Unfortunately, no one appears to know how this particular system is configured, so it required some digging to locate a pipe connecting the two that was two feet under grade.)

It was determined that, indeed, the tank does feed the spigot; however, despite the fact that the tank was now 3/4 full after the recent rains, there was limited water coming out the spigot, suggesting that the pipe was clogged or broken. (It would run for about 2 minutes, then dry up.)

There is a flowing water source 100+ feet south of the tank that the group lined with rocks, although, the flow rate may decline as we get further away from a significant rainfall.

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