Planning for 2018, already?

In my weekly reading of the PCT hiker blog aggregator, The Journalist, I was delighted to see another reference to the some of the printed copies of literary works I leave for hikers who pass by my place, this time on the PCT Trailside Reader. — I have been wondering what percentage of the items taken are actually read. It is nice to see that some are.

I will definitely continue the self-printed copies of relevant works, along with the miscellaneous items available in my Little Free Library. I will be adding some of the works of John Muir next year, and focus the literary portion of Walden to John Muir, in celebration of the 150th anniversary of his arrival in California. I guess I need to go back to the company that supplied the Thoreau and Whitman signs for a new pair with an image of Muir and a quotation. Got a favorite Muir quotation that is 40 words or less? Email me with suggestions.


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