2018 Nobo Hiker Season Winding Down at Muir Wood/S

With the temperatures warming up in SoCal, the number of nobo thru hikers decreases with each passing day. I decided now was the time to dismantle those portions of the hiker oasis that are not year-round. The outhouse had served its purpose, but the pit was filling past the half-way mark and it needed to be filled in and retired.

I found it quite easy to disassemble.

Everything but the frame was loaded into the back of my pickup and deposited about 50 yards away on the property.

Two thru hikers helped me load the frame into the truck and unload it 50 yards away.

The pit was filled in. (I opted no to include pictures showing the contents. — Trust me, you don’t want to see them.)

I partially re-assembled the outhouse (but without the shower addition)  on a different part of the property, as this was easier than trying to store the pieces in my shed. It went together again very easily.

It should be safe here until I am ready to dig a new pit and put it back up near the hiker oasis in early 2019.

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