Whitewater Preserve closed for 2019 nobo thru hiker season

I just received word that the popular hiker stopover, Whitewater Preserve (Mile 219) will be closed for the entire 2019 nobo thru hiker season, so I placed this sign at my hiker oasis.

“It is with heavy hearts that we have decided that due to the severe damage to Whitewater Canyons roads and trails that Whitewater Preserve will not be able to accommodate day use or overnight PCT hikers this year. There would be no phones available (landline or otherwise), no restrooms, no wifi, and no road access to be picked up or dropped off. Also as of right now the trail from the PCT to Whitewater is non-existent and requires a wide water crossing with quickly flowing water. If there is any way you can help us pass along this information to the hikers we would be very appreciative.

Tori Stanton

Assistant Preserve Manager”

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