2 thoughts on “Hiker Register, May 5

  1. Shawn Wray

    Hi Mary. I just again want to Thank You for your kindness and generosity. I met you briefly yesterday morning (Sunday 05/05/19) when you stopped by early to clean up. I came to your website today looking for a way to donate but don’t see one.

    I can tell you that your kindness is refreshing to see. After nearly 20 years as a cop, I’ve seen the worst in people, and occasionally the best. To see what you offer and share with others is so very refreshing to see. My wife (who is a nurse) and I have done the first 152miles of the PCT and are very much enjoying the experience, not just for the beautiful outdoors, but as a reminder that people are nice and can be genuinely kind. To see what you offer and to spend the night at your place helped us push our “reset” button and gain a better perspective on the kind people that hike and support the PCT. We will continue to section hike until I retire in 2025 and we can hit the trail full time. Thanks Again and please let us know ho we can help.

    Shawn and Marion Wray (shawnpwray@gmail.com)


    1. Thank you for the comment, Shawn and Marion. I really appreciate it. — I think that the trail brings out the best in most people … both hikers and people who support hikers (and people who volunteer their time to help maintain the trail). It is a great community. I wish there was an easy way to bring the innate kindness that we all have to the fore in more general societal contexts. The world would be a better, safer, place for everyone.

      I wish you additional hiking adventures. Anyone who loves the outdoors will really appreciate retirement. I retired last year and am loving it.


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