Eighteen Mother’s Day cards mailed

It has become a tradition at the Celebrate Anza event that, instead of a monetary donation, hikers “thank” me by sending their mother a Mother’s Day card using one of my oasis postcards: each hiker whose mother is still alive fills one out and I put a stamp on it and mail it for them, so that it reaches their mother in time for the big day. This year, I mailed 18 cards (7 international, 11 US) for hikers.


2 thoughts on “Eighteen Mother’s Day cards mailed

  1. Anne Taylor

    Mary, a BIG thank you from Chatham Ontario Canada, just got my card today, a little late but we’ll blame the postal service! Your kindness and generosity to my son Adam is so touching! Getting emotional here, lol! ALl the very best to you, Anne Taylor.


    1. Thanks for the kind words. I’m sorry to hear the postcard took so long to arrive. — I sent them all on May 6. I wasn’t sure whether Canada gets a “special rate” from the usual international postage, so I added the full international postage amount. Perhaps our postal service got confused at seeing too much postage. 😉

      Happy (belated) Mother’s Day!


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