First (and only) PCT thru riders of 2019

I had gotten word through northbound hikers that a brother/sister pair of thru riders were on the trail just south of my place, so I left a “Horse Rest Area” sign along the trail and a note inviting the pair (and their horses) to spend the night at my place, if their schedule put them here about quittin’ time.

On May 30 in the late afternoon, the pair rolled through and decided to take me up on the offer.

They left next morning and I joined them on mare for the ride to Paradise Valley Cafe, where they would meet their support rig.

It was a lovely ride and we got to Highway 74 ahead of the afternoon heat.

2 thoughts on “First (and only) PCT thru riders of 2019

  1. Theron davidson

    This is mountain man me and fire main (my sister ) I want to thank you for all u did for us and are horses we sure appreciate it all and hope to be back threw there in a few years and sure hope u are still there to stop and say hey to. God bless


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