Nobo 2019 PCT hiker season winding down at mile 145

With the sharp decrease in the number of hikers passing by my place, I decided it was time to remove the outhouse, shower, and trash can. As always, the water tank, picnic tables, and Little Free Library remain.

Two hikers spending the night helped me move the outhouse to its storage location.

2 thoughts on “Nobo 2019 PCT hiker season winding down at mile 145

  1. Dear Mary,

    Thank you for supporting the PCT hikers for another year! Per our earlier exchange, I thought you might be interested in this article in the NY Times: “The Anti-College is on the Rise.”


    1. Interesting editorial on some of the shortcomings of contemporary mainstream higher ed in the US and ways that a few educators and students are finding to continue post-secondary education and development outside the mainstream. I have passing familiarity with Deep Springs, but more familiarity with another alternative college in Amherst MA named Hampshire College. It takes a particular sort of student to take advantage of these learning environments, and both colleges do a good job of making sure the students they admit will thrive in that sort of environment.

      Thanks for the thread.


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