Re-theming for the new year

I have selected the theme “2020 Vision” as the theme for this new year. The sign welcoming hikers to my oasis has been updated

and the prompt on the hiker register has changed

In explaining the new theme (and the prompt) to hikers, I added a bit of instruction in the first post in the register.

It reads: “An explanation of the prompt ‘Why are you doing this?’

Each year I create a unique theme for my hiker oasis. In 2020 the theme revolves around the idea of perfect vision. While ‘2020 vision’ usually refers to the visual acuity of eyes, I am more interested in the idea of perfect inner vision … the ability to ‘see’ inside your self and understand your own values and motives. So, the question I am asking hikers to respond to is: ‘Why are you doing this?’ I realize that, for many of you, the reason(s) you decided to thru hike the PCT are very private ones — not something you would normally share with strangers by writing it in a quasi-public document. If that describes you, feel free to give your ‘public’ reason or simply leave your response unsigned.

I hope your journey gives you everything you want it to give.

‘Trail Angel’ Mary”

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