Unexpected ride on PCT

I had signed up for a ride on March 25 from Goff Flats to Gold Shot Mine that would have included a bit of the PCT just north of Highway 74. The ride was sponsored by the Redshank Riders, the local unit of Backcountry Horsemen of California. A big windstorm came up and most participants bailed. The few of us that were left (me, Greg, and Ali) decided we would ride, but just not there on an exposed ridge.

Instead, we drove to the PCT/Highway 74 crossing (technically, we drove to Paradise Valley Cafe and parked our rigs there and rode the mile to the trailhead) and rode south the 6.5 miles to my place. Had a great time. Greg ponied a horse outbound and I put Gracie away and rode his horse, a nice little Missouri Foxtrotter named ‘Desperado,’ back to the trucks parked at Paradise Valley Cafe.

On the outbound trip, we’d noticed an overhanging branch that equestrians needed to duck under. The resourceful and always-prepared Greg whipped out his hand saw and performed some impromptu trail maintenance on the trip back.

IMG_0407 IMG_0409

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