Pop-Up Gourmet: Dry Run

Even though hiker traffic on the trail Easter weekend was light, I decided that Easter was too good of a day to pass up as a kick-off for the Pop-Up Gourmet series of events I have envisioned. So, I told myself I would do it and that this was a “dry run” to check that this was something I could handle once the hikers arrive.

IMG_0412I loaded up the truck (“Beverly Hillbillies-style”) and set things up at the picnic tables near the trail. I combined this with my usual weekend water run, which explains the wet stream coming off the back of the truck in the picture.


Easter Bunny/Chick invites hikers to event
Easter Bunny/Chick sits trail side, inviting hikers to event

set up small tent over main picnic table
set up small tent over main picnic table

my outdoor kitchen
my outdoor kitchen

table set up, with Gracie in the backgroun
table set up, with Gracie in the background

Everything was ready by 12:30 for the hikers … who never showed up. (This isn’t quite true. I had two guests, but they both needed to get to Highway 74 by the middle of the afternoon, so they just stopped by for a chat and some of the fruit I’d left out.) So, my first Pop-Up Gourmet was a bust, but it was a useful dry run and proof of concept for me. — Yes, I can do this, and, yes, Gracie won’t freak out every time a puff of wind makes the tent move.

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