‘Walden’ theme updates

The transformation of my hiker and equestrian oasis at PCT mile 145.37 is based on the significance of 2017 in the world of American literature: this year marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Henry David Thoreau, author of Walden (a favorite of thru hikers, as attested by their book selection choices in 2016). Given that the birth year of Walt Whitman, another giant in 19th century American lit, is just two years off, I decided to combine the transformation into a celebration of both authors that will last through 2019, Walt’s 200th birthday.

The rustic sign emblazoned with the new name ‘Walden’ is now visible from the PCT.

View of my place from the PCT. Click to enlarge.
View of my place from the PCT. Click to enlarge.

img_1354A small ground sign announcing the place is adjacent to the trail, for those hikers who are looking no where but 5 feet ahead of them on the ground.




img_1342I also provided a small ground sign next to the Little Free Library explaining the significance of the name and the odd assortment of items in the library: “Why Walden? — 2017 marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Henry David Thoreau. Walt Whitman followed him two years later. I celebrate these two great American authors and have renamed my hiker oasis in honor of Thoreau’s most famous work. — PCT 145 Trail Angel Mary”

January 1 saw the first selfie (with the same mysterious woman from Prepping for 2017) with Henry and Walt.


2 thoughts on “‘Walden’ theme updates

  1. Edward M.

    Ha, ha, I too was compelled to take a photo next to Walt…that was just a few weeks ago.
    I will post on my instagram account “Caractacus56” and hashtag #Walden if you want to take a look.

    Thanks for a great place to stop and rest/refresh!


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