Easter Celebration, April 1

The Easter Celebration for 2018 was a huge success. Special thanks to the helpers: Reena, Roberto and Martha.

The Easter Bunny arrived in the afternoon on Saturday and, with the help of Chaucer and his buddies, decorated the Easter redshank:

The main festivities began Sunday morning at 10am when the fruit trays were placed on the tables. Hikers arrived in groups and were delighted to have stumbled upon the event. By the end of the day, 32 guests were served.

Celebrate Anza 2017 a Success!

Despite threats of rain and wintry temperatures, Celebrate Anza 2017 was a success. All told, we served up 32 burgers, 24 hot dogs, 25 ears of corn, and an unknown number of “grilled” baked potatoes and chili to hungry hikers. This in addition to about 40 pounds of fresh fruit and several gallons of homemade fruit drinks. For dessert, 5 pounds of fresh strawberries, ice cream, and sodas for making floats.

Trail Chief Don works his magic at the grill


Despite the overcast, blustery conditions, everyone enjoyed a chance to sit and catch up with the news

More Photos from Pop-Up Gourmet

Thru hiker Stacy sent me some photos she and Easy took during my Pop-Up Gourmet event.

Easy taking it … well, easy


Someone chose Option 1: grilled ribeye with bordelaise sauce, new potatoes, and green beans almondine


dessert option 3: assorted tropical fruit in a coconut cream, with mint and shaved dark chocolate


Stacy offers a toast to the good life


Stacy and Easy, along with my new neighbors


no one can resist taking a selfie with Walt and Henry

Easter 2017

The weather on Easter Sunday was perfect for dining al fresco. Bob and I put up the big tent on Saturday, to shield diners from the worst of the sun. A high temperature in the mid 70s couldn’t have been more perfect. A slight breeze from the west kept everyone perfectly comfortable.

Molly helped in the kitchen with prep work, Kim worked one of the grills, Mike served as maitre d’, Gordon helped serve, and everyone pitched in at exactly the right time to make the event, as Gordon said, a “smashing success”!

Just the stats: 41 people joined the festivities on Sunday. 19 of those were thru hikers who enjoyed the fruit appetizers and pushed on. Of the remaining 22 who stayed for dinner and dessert:
– 12 were invited guests and
– 10 were thru hikers

Most people opted for the ribeye steak (a good choice), so I have lots of pork tenderloin and portobello mushrooms left over.

Of the three desserts on the menu, about half went for the cheesecake, half for the berry tart, and a couple opted for the tropical fruit dish.

Wine drinkers were evenly split between white and red (with a few tea-totalers) and the Vietnamese iced coffee at the end of the meal was very popular.

Prepping for Pop-Up Gourmet, Easter 2017

First item of business: decorate the Easter Redshank at Walden – CHECK

Second item of business: place the Easter DuckBunny trailside as a herald to hikers – CHECK

Third item of business: schlepp my mobile kitchen to Walden – CHECK

Fourth item of business: place the sign at the Anza Water Cache, two miles trail-south of my place, alerting hikers to the feast ahead – CHECK

There were many, many other items, including raising the tents, chopping 15 pounds of onions, etc. etc., but I didn’t get pictures of those.

Special thanks to Molly, Bob, Kim and Mike. You guys are the greatest!